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International Children's / Youth Play and Dance Festival, Every Year

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All India Multi-lingual Children's/ Youth/ Woman' Play/ Dance/ Vocal and Instrumental Competition-Every Year

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Rules & Regulation

International Children's / Youth Play / Dance / Instrumental Festival from 20th January to 31 January Every Year.
At Cuttack Odisha, India

    Event : International Children's / Youth Play / Dance / Instrumental Festival
    Objectives : To develop International relationship through Culture Exchange and Co-operation on people to people basis.
    Theme : To promote global peace unity and friendship through the medium of Drama / Dance.
    Particular : 3 Groups from abroad.
    Group Size : Maximum Artist 10
    Age Group : 8 - 14 years Children's play and above 14 years for youth Play.
    Duration of Play : 30 to 45 minutes.
    Group Dance 10 minutes.
    Solo Dance 10 minutes.
    Instruments 10 minutes.
    Period : 20th January to 31st January Every Year
    Languages : Respective language - One member of the group should be able to communicate in English / Hindi.
    Travel Cost : To be borne by respective group including visa charges, airport tax and insurance etc. up to International Air Port, Delhi or Bhubaneswar Airport including travel by Rail from Delhi to Cuttack and back as the case may be.
    Hospitality : To be borne by Theatre Movement during the period of programme including arrival and departure maximum three days. Maximum Artists 10 will be provided free loidging & boarding Please send the name Artists Gender/Age/Passport No. Please send Name of Play synopsis and CD. Date of your performance will be inform. There should not be any nacked secene.
    Last date of Application : 30th September Every Year
    Issue of Invitation : 1st week of November every year.  

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