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Message Box

Sri Pranab Mukherjee

( President of India )

The President of India, Sri Pranab Mukherjee, is happy to know that the Theatre Movement is organising the Global Theatre Festival and 13th National Children's / Youth / Women's Play. Dance and Music Festival on January 16-27, 2013 at Cuttack.

The President extends his warm greetings and felicitations to the organisers and the participants and sends his best wishes for the success of the events.

Press Secretary to the President


( President of India )

The President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devsingh Patil, is happy to know that the Theatre Movement is organizing the 12th All India Multi-Lingual Children's Play / Youth / Feminine Play and Dance Festival from 20th to 31st January - 2012 at Cuttack. The president extends her warm greetings and felicitations to the organizers and the participants and wishes the Festival all success.

Officer on Special Duty (PR)

Mr. Manmohan Singh

(Prime Minister's Of India)

The prime Minister is happy to know that the 5th All India Multi-Lingual Children's play and Dance Competition and International Theatre Festival is benign held at kalavikash Kendra, Cuttack form 11th to 22nd January,2005. On this occasion the prime Minister extends his greetings and good wishes to the Organizers and participants for the success of the festival.

S. N. Sahoo

Mr. L. K. Advani

I am glad to know that Theatre Movement, Cuttack is organizing the 4th All India Mulit-Lingual Children's Play and Dance and 2nd International Theatre Festival From 26th November to 5th December 2003 at Kalavikash Kendra, Cuttack and that a Souvenir is also being released to mark the occasion. Please accept my greetings and good wishes on the occasion.

Signature of L. K. Advani

Mr. M. M. Rajendran

I am glad to know that the Third All India Mullet-lingual children's Play and Folk Dance Competition and International Children's Theatre Festival will be held at Cuttack from 14th to 25th January,2003 and a Souvenir will be published to make the occasion. Children are the most precious human resource on whom future hope of the nation depend Therefore, all care should be taken to provide them the best possible facilities for blossoming of their talents and personalities. I am sure; an occasion like this will inculcate the spirit of brotherhood goodwill among the children symbolizing our unity in diversity and great culture. I wish the occasion all success.

Signature of M. M. Rajendran

Mr. Rameshwar Thakur

( Governor of Odisha )

I am happy to know that Theatre Movement is organizing the 6th All India Multi Lingual Children's Play, Youth Play and Dance Festival form January 16 to January 28, 2006 at Cuttack. Child and young artistes of the state will be exposed to dramas of other languages, which no doubt will sharpen their skills and help them develop keen insight into human psyche and behavior. Our theatre persons will also benefit a lot watching the Festival, which will enrich . Oriya literature and culture. It is heartening that dramas in twelve languages will be stages and more than two thousand artistes including playwright, directors, musicians, technicians etc will participate. Such endeavors, I hope, will strengthen the edifice of India's cultural heritage and the spirit of 'Unity in Diversity'. I wish the event all success.

Signature of Governor of Odisha

Mr. Muralidhar C. Bhandare

( Governor of Odisha )

I am glad to know that Theatre Movement, Associate Member of NIPA, New Delhi is organizing the Global Theatre Festival and 12th National Children's / Youth/ Women's Play, Dance and Music Festival on January 18-31, 2012. A souvenir is being brought out on the occasion, It is heartening that theatre groups from India and abroad will participate in the festival. This is a unique opportunity for artistes and theatre personalities exchange ideas, thereby enhancing creativity. Participants coming to Odisha for the first time will enjoy their time here, for I believe, odisha's culture is unique and her people extraordinary hospitable. I wish the Endeavour all success.

Signature of Governor of Odisha

Justice R .K. Patra

(Former Chief Justice, Sikkim High Court)

I am glad to know that the 'Theatre Movement', a purely non-gazette organization which is deeply involved In propagating the cultural and social ethos of the country is going to publish its Souvenir. As matter of fact, the 'Theatre Movement' organizes every year its annual function spreading for a period of 10 to 15 days in which artists from different states of the country participate. This year artists from three foreign countries had also participated in the function. This goes to show that culturally each of us is connected with each other and message to the world that we are one and together.

Signature of Justice R .K. Patra

Mr. B. M. D. Agrawal

( Secretary General NIPA )

Dear Shri Mohapatra
I am extremely happy to learn about Global Theatre Festival and 12th National Drama / Dance / Music competition to be held at Cuttack to be organized by Theatre Movement, Cuttack. I understand that more than 75 groups including foreign groups and approximately 2500 artists are expected to participate in this grand event. By any standard this event is second to none other festivals being organized in India. The credit goes to you, your team, local administration, and your contacts all over the country. I am pretty sure that it will be a grand success, would inspire artists to participate in your festival and also to organize such festivals at their place, would motivate young boys and girls to opt for performing arts, may not be as a career which would preserve, protect and promote cultural heritage of India. No doubt Odisha would be a great beneficial besides making great contribution in the Theatre Movement.
I wish all the success.

Signature of B. M. D. Agrawal

Dr, Sarat Chandra Pujari

President, Odisha Sangeet Natak Akademi, Sanskruti Bhavan, Museum campus, Bhubaneswar.

you know you are the only one creature who possesses maximum number of emotions- in this UNIVERSE. That is why you act and react. you are the only creature who created the THEATRE when you are not even civilized. That's why you coined the word CULTURE. Whether you are BLACK, YELLOW or WHITE; you communicate amongst yourself, this is continuing from time immemorial in PEACE, LOVE & WAR. This is "Unity amongst diversity" Let's celebrate the Movement "Be Happy New Year".

( Signature of Sarat Chandra Pujari )

Shri Girish S.N., I. A. S.

Collector & District Magistrate Cuttack - Oissa

"Theatre Movement" is organizing Global Theatre Festival & 12th National Children's, Youth, Women's play, Dance & Music Festival from 20.01.2012 to 31.01.2012 at Kalavikash Kendra, Cuttack. I am happy to know that eminent artists all over India & abroad will Participate in the mega festival and the aim of the organization is to play a vital role in fostering cultural links between people and in fostering National Integration. To Mark this occasion, the organizers' of Theatre Movement are publishing a Souvenir basing on rich Cultural heritage of Odisha. I convert my best wishes and heartiest congratulations to the organizers for their Endeavour to organize this auspicious event at the Cultural City of Cuttack.

Collector & District Magistrate, Cuttack

Prof. Ganeshi,

Governor, Odisha

I am glad to know that Global Theatre Festival & National ChildreniYouth/VVomen s Play, Dance and Music Febiival January 20-31. 2019 A Souvenir is also being brought out to mark the occasion The festival would be witnessing participation of artists from all over the country and also from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh. Nepal and Sri Lanka who will he ccmpeting in different events Besides competition, the whole festival would provide a platform of fostering good will and friendship The effort of 'Theatre Movement' is an appreciative venture I ant sure both participants and viewers would fully enjoy this 12 days long grand cultural event I wish the festival and publication all success.

Governor, Odisha