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International Children's / Youth Play and Dance Festival, Every Year

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All India Multi-lingual Children's/ Youth/ Woman' Play/ Dance/ Vocal and Instrumental Competition-Every Year

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Rules & Regulation


1. Play Entries are confined to Short Play.
2. Any Amateur Theatre group / School / Organization Ran take part in this competition in any Regional language of India.
3. The maximum Time – 40 to 50 minutes
4. The panel of judge will select-Best /2nd Best/3rd Best-(a) Production (b) Playwright (c)Direction (d) Actor (e) Actress & Commodian for best /2nd best only.
5. Best language wise, Best Category wise, Best Light, Best Music, Best Statge Craft, Best Makeup and costumes.
6. CASH AWARD– 9 Best Production will be considered for National Cash Award subject to Highest marks obtained. Best – Rs. 7,000/-, 2nd Best – Rs. 5,000/-,
3rd Best –Rs . 3,000/- ,4th ,5th – Rs.2,000/- each best mithological, best lyrical, best historical, best ancient and best intergration play will gate 1000/- each subject to highest mark obtained (May be childern, youth or feminine)

REGISTRATION FEE- Play/Group Dance/Group Vocal/Group Instruments= Rs. 3000/- each

Solo Item Rs. 1000/- each, Duet- Rs. 1800/- each and Trio- Rs. 2400/- each

For Sub Junior Dance only 800/- in other comptition there is no sub junior accept dance


b) GROUP AND SOLO – Odissi / Bharatnatyam /Kathak / Kuchipudi /Manipuri /Mohiniattam / Sashtriya / Semiclassical /Folk & Modern.
c) TRIO & DUET – Classical /Folk (no modern dance)
d) VOCAL – Classical (Folk or Patriotic)
e) INSTUMENT – (Solo/Group) Dhol,Tabla,Harmonium,Sitar, Flute,Keyboard,etc.


Group Dance –       9 minutes
Group Instrument/Vocal/Trio/ –      
Duet & Classical Solo –       7 minutes
Sub Junoir Dancer –       5 minutes
Solo (Folk & modern) –       5 minutes
Vocal/Instrument/Monoact -       6 minutes


(i) Solo Dance / Solo Vocal / Instrument & Mono Act participants will get certifivates along with 1 memento apart from best/2nd best/3rd best
(ii) Trio and Duet. 3/2 certificate & 3/2 memonto


1. If the participants will be less than 5 in any events, they will be considered for 2nd best and 3rd Best (It is not applicable for play)
2. Open fire / inflammable material on stage /Green room even in the Auditorium is strictly prohibited .
3. Normal stage with simple light /sound will be provided. Extra light/sound is available subject to extra cost which will be paid to the Officer i/c of the Malavika’s Kendra Auditorium.
4. The decision of judges will be final and binding on all participation units.
5. Any indiscipline unit/artist will not be considered for any award and no protest will be accepted. All disputes subject to Cuttack Jurisdiction only.
6. The Organisers will provide subsidized unfurnished lodging and boarding @ Rs. 250/- per day per head it includes Breakfast, Lunch, dinner and gadi.
7. No Vediography / Photography will be allowed in the Auditorium.


Groups from different states of India may participate in the festival. It is festival not competition. There will be no best , 2nd ,3rd. but each and every participant will get international certificate and memento just after their programme on stage. Registration fee – play or Group dance / Group vocal/ Group Instrumental – Rs. 4001/-,Trio – 3001/-,Duet – Rs. 2001/-, Solo Rs. 1001/- Confirm and send list of participants with registration fee before – 30.10.2019

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